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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

exciteing day!

So its freezing cold today and its supposed to be colder tomorrow:( who lives where it gets to -40 degrees?! WE DO! Haha! I did a few errands today and decied it was just too cold to be out and about!! I imagine the next couple days will be the same as its only supposed to get colder! Brrr! but today is exciteing for me! I found tha kids bday present online! Its a 39 piece soccer set! They can just play with tha nets and ball for now and as they get older and learn the rules of the game you can add the other pieces! How fun is that?! I'm so excited!! They are gna love it!! And another exciteing thing is about to happen! The kids sitter is about to have a baby! This means while she takes a few weeks off I get to have the kids and spend lots of time with them!! I'm super excited! I love being with them and watching their peronalities and hearing all the funny things they say and do! that should make some interesting blogs! Haha! Happy Tuesday every1! Life is good!

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