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Saturday, February 12, 2011

slacker!! ha!

Ok so I havnt posted for almost a week...sorry! I didn't realize how exhausted I would be! For those who don't know I've taken over watching my niece and nephews(who jus turned 4 today:) while their regular (amazing) sitter spends a few weeks with her new baby! Yay! I have so much fun every day jus doing every day things with them n watching change aand experiencing all tha little things I miss when I just stop by for a couple hours a few times a week! For example tha high I get when chance says (every day) at lunch "chelsea you're a good baker" or wen I pick them up from school and they're so excited to see me they forget they need to wait their turn and just shove thru all tha kids to get to me! Not to mention all tha random hugs and pictures colored "just for me". There's endless things I could on forever! but neway...that's why I'm so quiet if any1 was wondering:) ill try to get some makeup looks posted soon for all my makeup fans! Tons of love! Chels

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