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Sunday, February 13, 2011

4 year old birthday makeup!!

Makeup inspiration can come from anywhere!! Anything that inspires you! From your christmas tree to the colors of the sunset or ttha soda you're drinking!
Here's a fun thing for my makeup fans! Find somthing that inspires you and email me a photo of your new makeup look @!!

The blue picked up more purple with my camera but my outer v and my crease are a bright blue!
The kids colors are green, pink, and blue so for their birthday dinner i did my makeup in those colors:)
I can't wait to see your new look! Don't forget a picture of your inspiration too!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

slacker!! ha!

Ok so I havnt posted for almost a week...sorry! I didn't realize how exhausted I would be! For those who don't know I've taken over watching my niece and nephews(who jus turned 4 today:) while their regular (amazing) sitter spends a few weeks with her new baby! Yay! I have so much fun every day jus doing every day things with them n watching change aand experiencing all tha little things I miss when I just stop by for a couple hours a few times a week! For example tha high I get when chance says (every day) at lunch "chelsea you're a good baker" or wen I pick them up from school and they're so excited to see me they forget they need to wait their turn and just shove thru all tha kids to get to me! Not to mention all tha random hugs and pictures colored "just for me". There's endless things I could on forever! but neway...that's why I'm so quiet if any1 was wondering:) ill try to get some makeup looks posted soon for all my makeup fans! Tons of love! Chels

Sunday, February 6, 2011

superbowl makeup!! yaaaay!

if you want specifice on how to do this look please comment below and let me know
dont forget to follow me for more looks

Thursday, February 3, 2011

happy birthday to me!!

So today is my birthday:) yaaaay! 27 years young and as uptight as I was about turning 27(yet another year closer to 30) I feel great!! I am so very blessed with all tha family and friends I could ever wish for!
Today I woke up to my happy, healthy, gorgeous, loveing hubby....who brought me more makeup from tha mailbox:) (photo abouve is todays makeup from the manly 120) got to hear the Ash's baby's heartbeat, eat ice cream cake with my mom and tha kids:) a birthday call from one of my best friends,and have dinner and a couple beers with my dad, stepmom, and cousin sam...and to top it all off read tons of bday wishes on facebook! I am overwhelmed by all of the people who time out of their day even if it was just a moment to wish me a happy birthday! How lucky am I!
Life has become this great big wish that has come true. I always wondered if being kind and careing and selfless would ever pay off...and ya know maybe I havnt felt tha full impact of it all but it sure feels like I'm finally getting what I put in. It took me a few years in my "quest to be a happier person" to realize what I needed to do and what I deserved but I have achieved true happiness in life. Thank you to every1 who has contributed and to all who have never turned their back on me! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Tons of love and birthday cheer!! Chels

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My first look with my new pallett!

manly makeup!! haha!

Some of you may already know but for those who don't...I LOVE MAKEUP!! Hair, makeup, nails all that girly stuff! Makeup is my fav tho! Eyeshadow and face contouring, false lashes and glitter!! Woohoo! That's what gets my motor goin!! A while back I ordered a 120 color pallett (brand name MANLY) my hubby brought it in to me wen he checked the mail this morning:) I think he's been checking the mail before me every day just so he could see the smile when I opened the package:) anyway....these colors are so brilliant and pigmented its just amazing! I'm so excited to come up with new looks and blending! I've even considered doing some makeup tutorials on youtube...let me know what you all think of that!! By the way thank you to all who are following and viewing my blogs!! It means a lot to me and I'm very surprized at the response! My views are doubleing almost every day so THANK YOU!! Please don't be shy! Leave me some comments and let me know what you want me to blog about or if you have questions about anything! Id love to hear from you!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

exciteing day!

So its freezing cold today and its supposed to be colder tomorrow:( who lives where it gets to -40 degrees?! WE DO! Haha! I did a few errands today and decied it was just too cold to be out and about!! I imagine the next couple days will be the same as its only supposed to get colder! Brrr! but today is exciteing for me! I found tha kids bday present online! Its a 39 piece soccer set! They can just play with tha nets and ball for now and as they get older and learn the rules of the game you can add the other pieces! How fun is that?! I'm so excited!! They are gna love it!! And another exciteing thing is about to happen! The kids sitter is about to have a baby! This means while she takes a few weeks off I get to have the kids and spend lots of time with them!! I'm super excited! I love being with them and watching their peronalities and hearing all the funny things they say and do! that should make some interesting blogs! Haha! Happy Tuesday every1! Life is good!

Monday, January 31, 2011

my family

Most of you know who's who in my life already but there are some who don't and so this is just a little who's who for you:)
My mom who is amazing! everything good in me came from her. I look like like my mom which is super cuz she is beautiful:)my mom has been there for me always no matter what supporting me in everything even if she doesn't think I'm bein so smart lol! My dad who was once my father. I know that sounds weird but it'll make sense to y'all eventually. We don't get along tha best but he is my dad and I do love him despite everything. Three years ago I think it was I stepped out of my dads life in my quest to be a happier person and have just recently made an effort to include him in my life again. I think that's going okay. Not much has come of it thus far but I am trying. My sister(Rachel) who is an amazing mom and has been an excellent role model for me my whole life and always there when I need her. brother in law (Brian) I couldn't have picked anyone better for my sister!! He's like tha brother I never had:)they have three children (triplets) Aidan, Brylee, and Chance! They are the most beautiful things I have ever had in my life and I cherish them as if they were my own! My love (Adam) its hard sometimes to find words to explain how important and wondeful this man is!! he is loveing, kind,funny,sweet, just everything I ever dreamed of! He came into my life at a time when I needed him most. He saved me from myself I gues you coud say and he's just the most amazing man I've ever known. My cousin/best friend (Ashley) ash and I are 5 years apart so we didn't become close until she was in middle and high school when she kinda needed a "big sister" ash is literally a mini version of me! It baffles me sometimes how much we are alike. And frustrates me at times too lol! But she is the one person I know for a fact no matter what always and forever will never walk away from me and I love her like a fat kid loves cake!! Haha! My stepmom (Kristi) she had a very large part in raising me and has always tried to be a friend to me. She has looked out for me and defended me many times when it came to my dad. She deserves a truckload of roses for every year she has been in my life! Along with kristi was also a step brother and step sister (clay and amanda) who I never got to know very well and dontt see very often at all. There's plenty more people and so much more to say about tha ones I've already introduced but this is all for now! I hope everyone is haveing as wonderful a day as I am and keeping warm!!

my birthday week! yaaaay!

Had an amazing birthday dinner with my family this evening<3 turkey slop on bisciuts lol! Thank you mommy<3 and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! Mmmmmmm! Thank you sister! I am now also on twitter if you wanna follow me there its "mywierdlife88" =o) I tweet I tweet!haha! Love,hugs, n lightnin bugs....chels<3

Sunday, January 30, 2011

board games,friends and family

So when did good ole board games stop being fun? Tonight myself,my cousin/best friend, my love,and a couple friends got together for some fun...a board game at tha table and video games in tha living room....can ya gues who was in which room?? I would pass up a video game for a board game any day of tha week! We had so much fun! I just felt like it woulda been so much more fun if there weren't video games in tha house so every1 could have joined us! Idk mayb I'm too old fashioned for my own good?? 3am...sweet dreams

Saturday, January 29, 2011

here we go!!

For several months now I've enjoyed many blogs of so many different tthings I decided to create one of my own! however uninteresting my life may be imma blog about it n tell u what I think of whatever whenever....I don't know who "you" are or will be or maybe it will just be me and my thoughts to look back and reflect on in months or years to come! Who knows but if ur here looking let me know what u think or how I could improve or general questions if you have aany! I am a counselor for friends advice giver and fact seeker and I devote my life to doing my best to share happiness and help others. Throw anything at me! I dare you;)