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Monday, January 31, 2011

my family

Most of you know who's who in my life already but there are some who don't and so this is just a little who's who for you:)
My mom who is amazing! everything good in me came from her. I look like like my mom which is super cuz she is beautiful:)my mom has been there for me always no matter what supporting me in everything even if she doesn't think I'm bein so smart lol! My dad who was once my father. I know that sounds weird but it'll make sense to y'all eventually. We don't get along tha best but he is my dad and I do love him despite everything. Three years ago I think it was I stepped out of my dads life in my quest to be a happier person and have just recently made an effort to include him in my life again. I think that's going okay. Not much has come of it thus far but I am trying. My sister(Rachel) who is an amazing mom and has been an excellent role model for me my whole life and always there when I need her. brother in law (Brian) I couldn't have picked anyone better for my sister!! He's like tha brother I never had:)they have three children (triplets) Aidan, Brylee, and Chance! They are the most beautiful things I have ever had in my life and I cherish them as if they were my own! My love (Adam) its hard sometimes to find words to explain how important and wondeful this man is!! he is loveing, kind,funny,sweet, just everything I ever dreamed of! He came into my life at a time when I needed him most. He saved me from myself I gues you coud say and he's just the most amazing man I've ever known. My cousin/best friend (Ashley) ash and I are 5 years apart so we didn't become close until she was in middle and high school when she kinda needed a "big sister" ash is literally a mini version of me! It baffles me sometimes how much we are alike. And frustrates me at times too lol! But she is the one person I know for a fact no matter what always and forever will never walk away from me and I love her like a fat kid loves cake!! Haha! My stepmom (Kristi) she had a very large part in raising me and has always tried to be a friend to me. She has looked out for me and defended me many times when it came to my dad. She deserves a truckload of roses for every year she has been in my life! Along with kristi was also a step brother and step sister (clay and amanda) who I never got to know very well and dontt see very often at all. There's plenty more people and so much more to say about tha ones I've already introduced but this is all for now! I hope everyone is haveing as wonderful a day as I am and keeping warm!!

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