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Thursday, February 3, 2011

happy birthday to me!!

So today is my birthday:) yaaaay! 27 years young and as uptight as I was about turning 27(yet another year closer to 30) I feel great!! I am so very blessed with all tha family and friends I could ever wish for!
Today I woke up to my happy, healthy, gorgeous, loveing hubby....who brought me more makeup from tha mailbox:) (photo abouve is todays makeup from the manly 120) got to hear the Ash's baby's heartbeat, eat ice cream cake with my mom and tha kids:) a birthday call from one of my best friends,and have dinner and a couple beers with my dad, stepmom, and cousin sam...and to top it all off read tons of bday wishes on facebook! I am overwhelmed by all of the people who time out of their day even if it was just a moment to wish me a happy birthday! How lucky am I!
Life has become this great big wish that has come true. I always wondered if being kind and careing and selfless would ever pay off...and ya know maybe I havnt felt tha full impact of it all but it sure feels like I'm finally getting what I put in. It took me a few years in my "quest to be a happier person" to realize what I needed to do and what I deserved but I have achieved true happiness in life. Thank you to every1 who has contributed and to all who have never turned their back on me! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Tons of love and birthday cheer!! Chels

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